Welcome to The Joy Of Saving Money

There’s a strange sense of satisfaction when you open up a magazine and you find coupons for a brand’s latest product. Even though it only saves us a dollar or two by using these coupons, we get a noticeable feel good factor associated with the brand, and frequently what makes us feel good drives us to buy.

In the current climate, we all need to tighten our belts and save money where we can. Wages are falling, unemployment seems to be getting worse all the time and people seem to be feeling like it is a never ending struggle. Businesses are responding by rewarding consumers with coupons for using their brands, a very clever strategy to retain buyers and generate new customers too.
Some people have always had a strong sense for saving money, always getting the best deals in the supermarket with laundry detergent coupons or switching brands for the biggest discount. In truth we can all learn a thing or two from these frugal shoppers. How often do you check the prices of rival products when you pick something up off the shelf? Do you have a strange unfounded belief that your brand is best despite never even trying the alternatives?

Changing the shopping behavior of consumers is a notorious challenge for manufacturers the world over, which is why they incentive shoppers just like in our previous example. What many people do not realize is that we can play these companies at their own game, just watch out for the coupons on the web and in magazines as well as the in store discounts and buy what’s on offer! Just try it for a few weeks and add up the savings. By making the change now, when the economy eventually does recover we are in great shape to continue saving money and being a lot better off. Who would turn down an opportunity to earn more each month? Saving on spending has the exact same effect on how much is left!

In summary, the individual coupons aren’t going to make us rich, but by changing our buying habits we can make a noticeable change to our shopping bills.

On this site we’ll try to help in your frugal efforts by collecting the latest coupons, deals and special offers.
Remember, frugal doesn’t mean cheap:
frugal: 1.economical in use or expenditure, 2.not wasteful
cheap: 1.costing very little, 2.of little account or value – shoddy, tawdry

Leading a frugal lifestyle will make you more financially secure, but also, less stressed, more grateful and content, and just all-around happier.

For start I want to share some coupon websites and resources that I check regularly while hunting for discounts: – household coupons from popular brands.
Walmart – Grocery, Food, Household Coupons etc – cat food coupons
Staples – Office supply coupons
Valpak – Restaurants, Automotive Parts and Repairs, Home and Office – laundry coupons
RedPlum – beauty supplies, groceries, household items & much more