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Your pet is a member of your family. You sure would want to give your cat the best. It is often difficult to choose the correct food for your pet. Your cute, cuddly, playful companion deserves proper care and nutrition. If not tended properly, cats too suffer from ill health and malnutrition. Just like humans, these little carnivores are often sufferers of various food allergies.

Often the homemade food we give them may not suit them. The diet of a cat varies with its life stage too just like us humans. The food given to adult cats may not suit the kittens. They too may turn obese, disproportionate and inactive if their diet is improper.

A wide variety of commercial cat foods are available in the market. They are designed to cater to the needs of domestic felines. These cat foods state the nutrient content and often are the best alternative for cats. Choosing a commercial cat food may also sometimes be challenging. So how do you choose a diet for your cat? For more details, check these tips for choosing cat food.

Homemade Cat Food vs Commercial Cat Food

You may choose to feed your cat with homemade food. You may feed it meat, milk or fish. The homemade food often does not fulfill the nutritional requirements of your pet. You may choose from a wide variety of commercial cat food available in the market. The cat food available may either be Dry or Wet cat food.

Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Foods contain only about 8-10% moisture and they are relatively cheap. They can be left all day long for your cat to nibble. They are generally good for teeth and bones and aid in removing tartar from teeth. Most Dry Cat Food lose the Taurine present in meat and it is added to the Kibble after processing. Taurine is essential nutrient for proper retinal and cardiac functioning as well as for good vision.

Wet Cat Food/ Canned food

Wet canned food possess 75-78% moisture and are either sold canned or in pouches. They don’t last long. Disposing off cans is often a menace and they are relatively more expensive. Excessive Dry Food intake may lead to dehydration for your cat. Wet Food intake is also equally essential.
The best way to decide your pet’s diet is by maintaining a balance between the dry and wet cat food.

Commercial Cat Food

Commercial Cat Food of both Dry and Canned type are easily available in the market today. Wellness, Purina, Iams, Rachael Ray, Science Diet, 9 Lives and the Friskies are a few known cat food manufacturers. The advantage of commercial cat food is that they are manufactured considering the cats requirement in mind. All nutritional details are easily available. There are separate foods designed for kittens and for cats in different stages of life.

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