Enjoy Casual Dining More with Applebees Coupons

You probably have heard about Applebee’s from friends, colleagues or relatives, about how great the restaurant, and how excellent the service. They are not exaggerating if they averred those praises, because ever since Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar was started way back in 1980 by T.J and Bill Palmer with the rather quaint name of  TJ Applebee’s Rx for Edibles and Elixirs, the idea had been to serve good old American food with excellence and at reasonable prices. Excellence not only with the food itself and its preparation, but also in the way it is served. Today, even years after and more than 2,000 restaurants and several changes in ownership, the idea holds and continues to be adhered to.

Applebee’s focuses on casual dining as opposed perhaps to ‘fine dining’ (whatever it means) of the so-called ‘classy’ restaurants. The restaurant chain offers the quintessential American cuisine of chicken, shrimp, salads, pasta and its signature dish, riblets. Riblets are pork ribs with the upper ends removed, and contain sufficient meat-bone mix to be really delicious broiled, grilled or barbecued, which are essentially just variations of the same cooking method. (It is the sauce that makes the difference.)

The wonderful thing here is that Applebee’s offers its dishes at very reasonable prices: nothing goes beyond $15.00. The majority dishes are priced around $10.00 with a few at $12.00, but considering all are great meals, it is a wonder the prices are not higher, what with the restaurant’s popularity and all.

Still, these prices may even be reduced by Applebees coupons. The coupons offer the chance to enjoy Applebee’s favorites without boring a hole in the pocket. Great food, good service, low price and now, still lower prices, there seems to be no more reason not to go, particularly on your special days. Some coupons give discounts, others make the food free, such as the Free Dessert on Your Birthday coupon. The coupons themselves may be downloaded via their website and printed, or obtained through other sites.

However, since coupons are time-limited and may be used only before its expiry, it will be wise to check with the nearest Applebee’s restaurant on its validity, or visiting the Applebee’s website You can also keep abreast of promos and special events at Applebee’s if you subscribe to the newsletter. The free newsletter, sent to you by email, will contain the latest Applebees printable coupons and coupon codes you can use for dining at Applebee’s. But because Applebee’s operates on franchise system, not all coupons may be honored in all branches, so it is advisable to check beforehand with the branch you want to go to.

The coupons are also valid for ‘Car side-to-go’ purchases, where you order the meals by phone or online, then pick them up on your way without getting out of your car, much like a drive-through.
Applebees coupons add to the enjoyment of great meals by reducing the prices somewhat, and they are also additional reasons you should eat out at Applebee’s as often as you like. Such as everyday.

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